0% Plastic. 100% Serious. 

We designed a better cup for a brighter future. 

We want to change the food and beverage industry, and we need your help. Plastic waste – whether it’s accumulating in a landfill, the ocean, or our waterways – poses a serious threat to the environment and the health of every living creature. Every year, 500 billion plastic cups are used worldwide. That’s why we developed the Shamrock cup with a foldable paper lid. It’s fully recyclable, so there’s no plastic to throw away or cause harm to wildlife.

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Less plastic in

our oceans

Unless we intervene, there will be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050.

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Less plastic

in landfills

91% of plastic isn’t recycled. Instead, much of it becomes trash or litter.

A healthier


It takes 400 years for plastic to break down, but it will never fully biodegrade.

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Easy to


Every year, the U.S. food and beverage industry loses $11.4 billion in recycling revenue.

Interested in our cause? It’s time to take action.