What makes Shamrock Cups different?

We created a cup that offers the convenience of plastic or styrofoam, without the pitfalls. We all care about the world we live in. Every Shamrock cup you use means one less piece of plastic in the ocean.

We’re on a mission. 

Reducing our collective impact on the environment isn’t about drastic lifestyle changes. It’s about simple substitutions and small, but profound, shifts in thinking. We aren’t a group of environmental activists and earth scientists. We are people like you who want to make better choices for ourselves, our families, and our planet. Now more than ever, it is crucial for people and businesses to work in tandem to address this problem. Together, we can change our future.

Rethink plastic. It’s not safe or sustainable.

The truth is, most people aren’t recycling correctly. There are seven standard classifications for plastics, and recycling guidelines for each type can vary from municipality to municipality. A quarter of all recycling picked up by Waste Management ends up in landfills due to contamination caused by unwashed plastics and other non-recyclable materials.

Let’s make the oceans plastic-free.

Exactly the way they should be.
According to the United Nations, three quarters of all marine debris is plastic. Plastic debris floats into the ocean by way of shorelines, rivers, streams, and bays. From there, it will break down into smaller and smaller pieces known as microplastics. But plastic never completely biodegrades. And often, marine animals become entangled in free-floating plastic or mistakenly ingest it. This can lead to suffocation, starvation, and drowning for hundreds of species of sea creatures, from sea turtles and seal pups to gray whales. Microplastics have now moved so far up the food chain that we are consuming them, too, through seafood and drinking water. The dangers of consuming microplastics are still unknown.

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